CEEMEA Business Group

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An overview of membership benefits

CEEMEA Business Group members receive regular market and regional updates, position papers, economic indicator forecasts and our benchmarking survey, produced from members' business expectations for their markets – as well as on-call advice, free attendance to the group meetings held across the region (and in Western Europe) for all management colleagues.

We have three main business groups available:

  • CEE Business Group
  • MEA Business Group
  • Russia/CIS Business Group


We provide more than just numbers. All our reports are in an easy-to-read, concise format, capturing the essence of economic and business trends and forecasts for each market. Our materials analyse general business and market trends in the regional and global context, look at economic and political factors and their impact on business, give forecasts and always include hands-on information and best practice from the real business world. We analyse business trends in-depth for you, we let you know what’s happening with sales and profits across the region, communicate to you the tactical and strategic concerns of country and regional managers. We benchmark trends in each industry sector for you, and inform you about what you need to know to run your business effectively. We also act as an invaluable sounding board and communicator to your colleagues within regional and in global headquarters about the real benefits and challenges of doing business in these CEEMEA emerging markets.


Group member meetings enable senior management to network, benchmark and exchange ideas with their peers. Between 15-25 meetings taking place across EMEA and following various formats from working breakfasts to half-day briefings and full-day events. Our meetings are business-intimate, in-depth, off-the-record gatherings, led by our experienced experts. Attended by between 30 and 150 senior executives, they are all conducted in the same spirit of productive discussion, interactivity and informality. These events are a place where business relationships and friendships are built; executives always come away with new contacts, as well as the latest thinking on specific country and regional issues, the global economy, and global business trends.

We are happy to introduce members to each other – whether you are planning and preparing for a trip to a new market, are looking for business partner, would like to discuss business issues with a peer from another industry or organise a lunch during your next senior management visit, just use our networking facilitation service. We are happy to come in house to present to your team, your management or clients and partners.

And of course you may call/e-mail us at any given time with any question or requests.


Twice a year we survey our members on their sales and profit expectations. The results of our benchmarking survey are a robust representation of how business is going for companies and are useful for you in terms of benchmarking, planning and forecasting. Surveys also capture other trends relevant for business planning (e.g. companies’ hiring plans, market prioritisation). Our in-house research department is at your disposal for your ad-hoc requests and also bespoke research projects.