CEEMEA Business Group

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Get to know us

The Group is run by Daniel Thorniley and Nenad Pacek, supported by a team of long-standing colleagues. Danny and Nenad are former Vice Presidents of The Economist Group's corporate advisory division and have worked with companies on Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other emerging markets for over two decades. Both have become trusted experts for senior executives at numerous international corporations and are regular speakers at global industry and economic forums, at universities and business schools and at clients' internal strategy meetings.

We have worked with many of our members for many years – sometimes decades - and on various stages of their career, with the highest degree of business intimacy and a focus on establishing long-standing relationships. We provide a very highly personalised corporate service and our members rely on us as their right-hand in the region. We enable executives to manage HQ expectations, and provide ammunition to fight for resources. We act as an exchange of valuable current thinking between the top companies in CEEMEA. Executives meet, network and share ideas and experiences together with us and each other.